Living tree

When a tree grows, taking all its strength out of a tiny seed – a mystery in itself -, then the essence of this seed spreads into every part of the tree; in every branch and every leaf, in every flower and every fruit it is present. They are not separated from the seed that once was.

When we water a tree, we only water its roots, its foundation, the place where the seed is staying. From there the water will find its way into every branch and every leaf, every flower and fruit. We will not go and water every leaf seperatly. If we do so, the tree will lose its strength and rot.

If we see life as a tree, bringing forth branches, leaves, flowers and fruit, we will not restrict our love to a small, chosen number of these creatures. The simple act of giving water to the seed will make our love spread to all of its parts. In disconnecting ourselves from the seed, the primal source of life, we fail love.

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