Introducing myself …

Hi, my name is Michel Thill. I was born in Luxembourg, about 27 years ago. When I was a child I wanted to become a woodsman, as a teenager I looked more towards becoming an artist or musician. I ended up studying landscape architecture and environmental planning in Berlin, which led me to social ecology, community building and permaculture… these are my specific fields of interest today.

Hi, my name is Michel, or short Mich. I’m from Luxembourg, a wealthy country in the middle of Europe. Early I came to realise that money can’t buy happiness as I saw people becoming richer and richer with their lives becoming more and more miserable. This realisation made me for a few years dismiss the common social system, governments and economics and everything that works in it. From a keen interest in the other extreme I quickly moved to the cutting edge of both, there where I can see change happening most.

Hi, people call me Mich and I’m a son of the earth. Somewhere along the way I lost the connection to my mother; distraction and technology made me a stranger to the source of life. Today I’m conscious of this alienation and I’m working towards reconciliation.

Hi, my name is Michel. I’m a yoga teacher. My master gave me the spiritual name Siva. In Hindu mythology, Siva is the God of destruction and transformation. I call upon his energy to transform my material being into a spiritual being full of love and light… something I’m inspired to give to the world.

Hi, my name is Michel and i’m a man in love. My partner, friend and soulmate is the other half of my whole being, balancing every aspect of my existence. I see this connection as vital and representative for all strings of life, each one of the consisting of opposing pairs: sun and moon, day and night, heaven and earth, inside and outside… it’s my duty to heal that relationship.

Hi, my name is Mich. If I was an animal, I would be a turtle. I took it as an easy refuge in the past, and I still do today from time to time, to hide my head under my shield whenever life becomes complex and a little more challenging. As an excuse I claim to be contemplating. The more I experience, the more I know, I’ve got to live through life’s wonder, the valleys and the mountains and embrace every aspect of life.

Hi, my name is Michel, I have studied environmental planning and wrote my thesis in an Indian Village, often called the Mecca of Social Service. When I interviewed the headman of the village, Anna Hazare, he asked me what my intention for coming was and how I would serve my community at home. A year and a half later, exploring my Self, the Earth and her people, I know, my sacred intention in life is Service.

5 thoughts on “Introducing myself …

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    1. beetroot Post author

      Thanks everyone for your responses..
      Thank you Katy, what you write is beautiful. It s a time to see who we are and let others know.. inspire, share.. tell us who you are!!


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