Hi there,

this is a blog exploring community building and people empowerment, the dynamics of social and individual change and the forces of nature, the healing process of the earth and the building of a permanent culture.

My name is Michel Thill, I was born in 1985 in Luxembourg, have studied environmental planning in Berlin and am a qualified engineer. I’ve worked on projects and taken classes on international development policy, sustainable development, waste management, clay building, sustainable natural resource management and wrote my thesis on community organisation for integrated rainwater harvesting in India.

I’ve worked with Indian grass root organisations in the field of rural development and people empowerment and have done some organisational work for an international NGO in Berlin. During my studies I’ve worked for a landscaping company, been practicing and teaching yoga and teaching English, French and German to school kids.

I’ve completed my Permaculture Design Course in Berlin in 2011 and am now a permaculture apprentice in the UK.  I am planning to travel with Sweetcorn (my beautiful and inspiring partner who I love and support in every moment) and work with and/or learn from different projects and communities. This blog shall enable me to document my vision, ideas, plans, experiences and my portfolio with permaculture designs.

During my studies I have acquired a sound knowledge of community-based natural resource management and integrated development. The permaculture ethics and design principles integrate the holistic approach that I was looking for during my studies. I am particularly interested in its social aspect, people empowerment and the building of resilient communities. I’m inspired and hard-working to lead a life of love, joy and human progress, in harmony with the forces of nature.

Yoga and spiritual quest is an important part of that and I can see myself being increasingly attracted by a spirituality which reconnects to the earth and serves the people.

I am open and will love to recieve any comments, ideas, followers on whatsoever on this blog. As soon as I find a proper name for the blog, I ll rename it. :)

To see more on my values and work ethics check out my first post.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. dadirri7

    love the name of your blog …. and your principles …. you might like to read about the SAGE gardening project here in Moruya … if you come this way you could visit and WOOF with us :)

    1. beetroot Post author

      Thank you.. I just looked up the sage project and am really interested in visiting. Most probably I ll be staying with a community in thailand for a year and will visit NZ beginning of 2013.. after that maybe Australia if my partner and I can earn some money in NZ.
      You ve got an inspiring blogg with beautiful pictures!


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