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A prayer to start with…

It took me a while to get into social networking and I m not really sure whether I ll manage well to keep an updated blog, but I thought it s worth a try.

After finishing my studies in environmental planning in Berlin I have now started a Permaculture Diploma in the UK. This blog shall give me the opportunity to share experiences, ideas and visions that I encounter on my journey through the jungles of life and serve as an online documentation tool for the designs I ll be working on and the travels that I m gonna undertake with my beloved partner Sweetcorn, who is studying Permaculture as well.

Following are a few ideas or core values that are dear to me. Knowing that I am an integral part of this cosmic dance of creation and destruction that materialises itself around us in every moment, I will contribute to

  • a world that makes past experiences a valuable asset in the realisation of a ┬ámore complete existence in the future;
  • a civilisation that values the earth as a living being and cares for the people and all other creatures;
  • a way of life and a consciousness that works in harmony with nature rather than against it;
  • a positive vision of healthy communities built on local resilience, reciprocity and diversity.

I believe in the inner goodness of human beings and in the idea that the work we do does not have to be or to become a burden on our shoulders – that every human has the right to live up to his/her full potential and walk this earth in love. Following is a prayer from the book Sadhana – The Classic of Indian Spirituality written by Rabindranath Tagore:

“O giver of thyself! at the vision of thee as joy, let our souls flame up to thee as the fire, flow on to thee as the river, permeate thy being as the fragrance of the flower. Give us strength to love, to love fully, our life in its joys and sorrows, in its gains and losses, in its rise and fall. Let us have strength enough fully to see and hear thy universe, and to work with full vigor therein. Let us fully live the life thou hast given us, let us bravely take and bravely give. This is our prayer to thee. Let us once for all dislodge from our minds the feeble fancy that would make out thy joy to be a thing apart from action, thin, formless, and unsustained. Wherever the peasant tills the hard earth, there does thy joy gush out in the green of the corn, wherever man displaces the entangled forest, smooths the stony ground, and clears for himself a homestead, there does thy joy enfold it in orderliness and peace.

O worker of the universe! We would pray to thee to let the irresistible current of thy universal energy come like the impetuous south wind of spring, let it come rushing over the vast field of the life of man, let it bring the scent of many flowers, the murmurings of many woodlands, let it make sweet and vocal the lifelessness of our dried-up soul-life. Let our newly awakened powers cry out for unlimited fulfillment in leaf and flower and fruit.”