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Deep Observation

Observations lead to interaction. We need a deep sense of observation to perform healthy interactions; and more observation to  fuel reflection and further action.

The Buddha talks about penetrating the objects of observation; diving into them and observing the body in the body, the perception in the perception; only so we can know the object. From observation comes insight; from insight comes knowledge. In the end it is deep observation that leads us to an interaction based on understanding. The interaction closes the loop; an interaction based on insight or true understanding creates meaning.

“When you practice deep looking and master yourself, you dwell in peace freedom and safety.”~Thich Nhat Hanh

Many questions, missing answers…

What s going on in London?? What s going on in the world?

We ve been witnessing – at least in the news – quite a few revolutions, riots and violent outbursts in the last months, even years or decade. After 9/11 there were bombs and terrorist acts, war in Iraq, Afganisthan, Palestine; there are revolutions taking place in Tunesia, Egypt, Syria, … . The world is watching how dictatorships are taken down by the people. In Europe countries are bankrupt. Is economic recession spreading over the world? Even the United States drop through the back door and postpone their financial woes for some other time. Who s got the money that is missing everywhere? Does it even exist? How can oil companies and retailers be richer than whole states? Who is dictating the prices? What s more to come? What the heck do I know??

A lot of questions and no answers. But something must have been wrong in the system. There must have been a mistake in the financial system as much as there must be a basic problem to our way of life, our values and interests. There is something that hasn t been working and most of us know that. Just look at the paradoxes of our time: companies getting richer – people getting poorer; more food producion – ¬†more hunger in the world; more people on the planet – becoming lonlier everyday; bigger houses we live in – less time to spend there; more cars, more televisions, more computers, more more more… less time, less love, less freedom, less understanding, less happiness… .

What s going on in London now? What are the people doing? Smashing shop windows and steeling sneakers. There is no common goal, there is no reason to fight for, there is no light at the end of the tunnel; there is only a whole lot of dammed anger. We re living in a violent society with poverty, robbery, murder, betrayal, lies, inequity, falsehood. What do we expect? How long shall people who are the victims of injustice pretend everything is okay?

Is there right or is there wrong in what is happening? Who will we blame? Will the army come out and silence people through more violence? Is there any difference between cause and effect? Is there any difference between what you do and how you do it? Are the consequence of an action and the action itself not ultemately connected? Is it not the time for us to change our way of seeing the world, living, communicating, exchanging, working, existing?

Many questions, missing answers…

There s always been the problem with the rioting when people know what they are fighting against but not what they are fighting for. We don t seem to go anywhere if we don t know where we re going. Even though we know there is a reason to fight. Let us stand together and give hope, love, laughter and a positive vision for the future to our close ones, our neighbours and the people out there on the streets – no matter which side they are one.

we ll be burning and a-looting tonight… burning all illusion.